Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Copper Pots 9

This is the ninth painting in my Copper Pot series. I work from photographs I have taken myself.  When tackling a painting like this, I rely on the composition that I created using my camera.  Then I break it up into small manageable areas which I mentally turn into abstract sections.  I then approach each area as a non-objective "piece of the puzzle", dealing with color and value rather than subject.  Masking tape is used to protect unpainted sections that I want to deal with later.  Because of the photo, I know where I am going, it's just a matter of getting there.


Ken Goldman said...

Wow Peggy,
I'll be the first to comment. I love this piece and it's a wondrous slide presentation. Makes it look so easy when i know it's not. So many horses to drive at once.
I've been following your blog since December and this first entry in a while has been worth the wait. Thanks.

Myrna Wacknov said...

This is a gorgeous painting and a creative slide show. No end to your talent.

Mike said...

Can' wait to see what you have to say about these wonderful slides, Peg! I can now see how that first section sets the values and intensities for the rest of the painting. Ken is right about driving so many horses! Paintings like this blow everyone's minds!!

Jane Freeman said...

Peggy your work has awed me for so many years and now coming to see it again I am re-awed...is that possible!? ha!! I just love what you do!